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After cutting down a tree on your property, you can’t immediately start building a structure or garden from that area until the stump is removed. If you would wait for nature to take its course, it can take months or even years for the “wood leftover” to die and start decaying. Among the methods you can do to get rid of it include; the use of certain chemicals to hasten its decay, digging and cutting the stump below the ground level, or you can simply perform stump grinding.

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What is stump grinding and how does it work

As its name suggests, this method of removing a tree stump requires the grinding of the protruding trunk using a specialized grinding machine. The grinder shreds and chips out the remaining tree trunk and levels it down to or below the ground. Compared to chainsaws that cut the trunks and branches horizontally and according to their diameter, a grinder works vertically. Additionally, chainsaws are not suitable for cutting close to the ground because when they hit other objects like rock, metal, or concrete, their blades can be damaged or destroyed. The machine is also much powerful because it can grind and pulverize the wood in only a short period of time.

Most property owners usually avail the services of expert stump grinders because they have the tools, equipment, and skills needed in perfectly accomplishing the job. But for those wanting to save on expenses, they can alternately rent a portable or smaller grinder and accomplish the job on their own.

Wirral Stump Grinding

Why stump grinding is important and essential

There are several reasons why this method of removing a tree stump is essential or beneficial.

–          You can get rid of the stump immediately. Dependent on the type of tree it was, the stump including its roots can remain green and alive for months or even years. If it dies, it would still be long before it dries up and decomposes. Thus, grinding the stump is the fastest solution to get rid of it. The grinding process will only consume a couple of minute of your time. As soon as the stump is removed, you can already use that area for any of your intended purpose.

–          It is a simpler and easier alternative. If you choose to dig and cut down the huge root manually, it can be a tough and risky task. You can save money, but it will consume days or even weeks of your energy and it can also injure you. Stump grinding on the other hand is simpler to perform since it is the grinding machine that will do the work.

–          It minimizes damage to the surrounding foliage or structure. There are instances when the cut tree is close or adjacent to a fixed structure or perhaps on your cherished garden or lawn. Digging down the circumference of the stump is certainly not an option because it can destroy these nearby structures or foliage. Thus, still the best way to get rid of the excess trunk is to perform stump grinding. Almost all the types of stump grinders are flexible enough to target only the circumference or diameter of the remaining trunk.


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